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Project Search


Project Search provides you with information and status on development plans, Board of Adjustment applications, RPTAC Applications and zoning verifications that are being or have been reviewed by New Castle County. The on-line information includes only those plans that have been reviewed since this data system was implemented in 2000.

To search by the application number, enter the 8-digit number without hyphen or letter suffix. (Example: “2006-4000-S” would be entered “20064000”. To search by Project Name, enter all or part of the name. For example, if you are unsure of the name but know that the word “Flowers” is in the title, you may enter only “Flowers” and choose from the selections that are shown.

If you are unsure of the name or application number, please e-mail us at LandUse@nccde.org for assistance. To view all development plans that are currently in the review process, please click here.